DHA Multan


DHA Multan is the newest addition to the list of DHA housing societies projects in Pakistan. Like other DHA projects in the country, DHA Multan boasts luxury, cleanliness, and convenience for its residents along with security, facilities, and trust. The DHA Multan is offering a variety of residential and commercial plots and other options for its investors with world-class amenities in this town.

Multan does not come in the big and luxurious and well-developed city of the country, but it is a well-developed and culture-rich city. DHA Multan is the only modern, lavish, luxurious, and safe society for the people of Multan and South Punjab.

DHA Multan will provide many residential and commercial plots and other options to the residents of Multan along with a green and clean environment, modern and state of the art living, entertainment to its people, safe and sound surroundings, and basic and luxury facilities. To sum up, it will become the model society for the people living in Multan

DHA Housing Societies

DHA housing society is one of the soundest, secure, and trustworthy housing societies in Pakistan. The first project of DHA was DHA Lahore which has DHA EME, DHA Rehbar, DHA Phase-1 to 13, and Defence Raya Gold, etc, which is going successfully. Now DHA has many successful and fruitfully running projects in many major cities of the country, for example, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Quetta which was mainly started in Lahore for armed forces. DHA housing society was first developed for armed forces only, but now it is open for the public as well.

DHA Multan: The City of Saint

Multan is an ancient city with lots of historic places and old civilizations. It is also known as the metropolitan of south Punjab. Multan is the fifth largest city of Pakistan and a major city of south-central Punjab. Multan is also the City of Saints.

Multan lies at the bend created by five rivers which often called PANJNAD. It’s a cotton, rich city and popular for trading. The Chenab River flows on its Western side, on the side of Muzaffar Garh while the Sutlej river separates the city from Bahawalpur. DHA Multan will add the demand and value of the Multan city.

About the Developers

There is no specific owner of any DHA housing society, Projects of DHA housing society are handled by retired or senior officers of armed forces. Similarly, the chairman of the project of DHA Multan is Lt. General Muhammad Naeem Ashraf and Proj. Director is Muhammad Shoeb Anwar Kayani.


He aimed to build DHA Multan as a social, economic, and political Hub of Multan.

The owner of DHA Multan has made a contract with ProMag company for the development and construction work of DHA Multan. It is the lead company of the ARETE Group. 


It is a broad-based management consultancy. It has many national and international projects.

  • EMAAR- crescent bay
  • Airport Circle
  • Waterfront Condominium
  • Eighteen Housing Society
  • Ocean heights

DHA Bahawalpur is one of the national projects by the company while

  • Rajagirya
  • United Mall Gugasht
  • Abrar al-Jamia Omdurman
  • Mix Development Srilanka

These are the following services they are providing to DHA Multan.

  • Project Management
  • Principal Consultancy
  • Master planning
  • Architecture development
  • Construction supervision
  • Engineering work 

Other than this Four leading construction firms were given agreement for the development of DHA Multan sectors. The name of these companies is the

  • Frontier Works Organization (FWO)
  • National Logistic Cell (NLC)
  • Tahir Builders
  • Zahir Khan & Brothers (ZKB) (Pvt) Ltd.

Location of DHA Multan

DHA Multan is situated at Bosan Road, Multan. It lies near Bahauddin Zakariya University. As DHA Multan is planned on the very vast land, that is the reason it has two main ends, one is Bosan Road, and the other is Marital Road. DHA Multan has an entrance gate at both ends of the society.

DHA Multan Head office is at Multan Public School Road which is near Northern Bypass.


DHA Multan is the meeting point of 3 Mauza adjacent Mauza Sangi, Mauza Kotla Sadaat, Mauza Garay Wahan. This anticipated Area of DHA Multan likewise exists in close quickness to Bahauddin Zakriya University, Bosan Road, and Mattital Road also.

Nearby Major Points and Roads

  • Bahauddin Zakriya University,
  • Bosan Road,
  • Sakhe Madina minor road
  • Mattital Road

Nearby Housing Societies

  • Wapda town
  • MDA officers’ colony,
  • PIA employees housing
  • Al Falah modern city
  • Gulistan homes
  • Buch Villas
  • Faizabad colony

The Master Plan DHA Multan

DHA Multan Master Plan consists of phase 1 right now which has many sectors named alphabetically called Sector A, B1, B2, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W1, W2, and X.

Given below is the image of the master plan of DHA Multan. 

master plan dha multan


DHA Multan is expended on 9000acre land with two main entrances, one at Bosan Road and another at Mattital road.

Sizes of Plots

  • Plot sizes available at DHA Multan are
  • For residential plots
  • 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal.
  • For commercial plots
  • 5 Marla and 8 Marla

Development Work in Society

DHA Multan development and construction work are going at a very fast pace. The main entrance and side walls are completed and giving a fascinating look to society. Further plots in society are already divided according to size.

Now development work in sectors A and V has been started. While possession of plots in sector M is already given to the customers and development in sector M is completed.

On the new construction of houses, Authorities have announced a 100 percent waiver on development charges. Following is the waiver is given on development and utility charges for sector M

Furthermore, The Ground Breaking ceremony of the Villa Shopping Arcade was held on April 23, 2020.

Now Construction of DHA Multan villas shopping mall is started, and authorities aim to complete it in a year that’s why construction work is rapidly going but with quality output.

A Waiver on Development Charges

waiver of work developement
  • f Construction Completion within one year 100% Waiver on Development Charges
  • If Construction Completion within 14 Months 80% Waiver on Development Charges
  • If Construction Completion within 16 Months 60% Waiver on Development Charges
  • If Construction Completion within 18 Months 50% Waiver on Development Charges

Waiver of Utility Charges

  • If Construction Start of 5 to 10 residential units within 12 months, then 50% Waiver of Utility Charges
  • If Construction Start of 11-19 residential units within 12 months, then 75% Waiver of Utility Charges
  • If Construction Start of 20+ residential units within 12 months, then 100% Waiver of Utility Charges
  • If Construction Start of 5-9 commercial units within 12 months, then 50% Waiver of Utility Charges
  • If Construction Start of 10+ commercial units within 12 months, then 100% Waiver of Utility Charge

Why Invest in DHA Multan?

  • DHA Multan is the seamless housing scheme as regards safety, facilities, and modernization.
  • DHA Multan is getting develop under the supervision of the retired army officials; that’s why this housing society assures reliability for the residents.
  • All the facilities available in the society are up to the global criteria of the communities. Schools, colleges, universities, parks, theme parks, zoos, and many other amenities provide in DHA Multan are at their best.
  • To sum up, DHA Multan is the best living place for families. Furthermore, all of the basic services provided by society are very economical.
  • Right now DHA Multan plots are available at a low price, but it will take at least 1 to 2 years to get a return in profit. But, surely, the profit will be high.
  • The average price of plots in well-developed housing societies in Multan and Multan Cantt starts from 1.2 Crores to 2.5 Crores, but DHA Multan files rates for one Kanal are between 45 to 48, which is way too less in price from other societies but best in quality.

Features & Amenities

  • An organized and planned community
  • Gated community
  • Fascinating villas
  • Separate Commercial zone
  • 300 feet main avenue with a wide network of roads
  • Underground electricity
  • 24/7 supply of water, gas, and electricity
  • Free internet
  • Education hub
  • Healthcare and medicinal centers
  • Over the top shopping mall
  • International level gyms
  • Easy installment plans
  • 24 hours’ security
  • Lush green open parks
  • Hyper marts
  • Project planning and maintaining from a specialized company
  • 5-star hotel
  • Arena – Grand event complex
  • The most modern golf academy
  • international golf course
  • Entertainment services
  • Pretty green belts on the side of roads
  • Country club
  • DHA plant nursery
  • Promising profit return
  • Franchise of many clothing and other brands
  • Jamie masjid and grand mosque
  • Clean and green environment

Amenities & Services

Safe and Sound Surroundings

DHA is Well-known for its most recent security supplying the safest address in town has always been a priority for DHA. They guarantee the security of each citizen on top priority, and that is the reason why this home project is thought to be the safest home venture in Pakistan.

They have invented an elaborative system of safety backed by specialist personnel and state-of-the-art technologies & equipment. They use secure gates, proper setup, and oversight through safety cameras. They are on the very first priority making certain every citizen has to be wholly secure in DHA Multan.

Clean and Green Atmosphere

It is one of those lavishing home society that not just utilize the most recent technologies to supply every possible facility but also makes certain to offer a green and healthy environment to its occupants.

You will find properly intended theme parks and green ballets, making the surroundings completely pollution-free for all of the residents. DHA Multan should be your first choice if you would like a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones in Multan.

Proper Planning and Management

Since DHA Multan includes many businesses, there’s proper team and direction of all of the tools and facilities for every single resident, and it is all dependent upon the project management team.

DHA Multan has an agreement with ProMag for society maintenance. ProMag is a well-known city and planning consultancy solutions, supplier.

Commercial and Industrial Property

Commercial plots are also available with residential plots and are an equally significant part of the housing project. It does not only ease the inhabitants of the home society but because of it, many commercial opportunities are available for investors and traders from outside the society. There is a proper separate spot for business niches where residents can receive all the basic amenities of life easily. You will find malls that are a fantastic business opportunity too.

Hospitalizations Center

Personal and family health is your principal facility that is why it matters to the social authority the most. DHA Multan is focusing a great deal on offering the ideal hospitalization facilities for the occupants.

You can avail all of the emergency medical facilities as well as the finest physicians, which are also offered for you.

Education Facilities

Society planning Includes university campuses, schools, and colleges inside DHA Multan. There are also the finest education schools and college-level education centers. It makes certain that the future of your kids is in secure hands inside society.

This will provide excellent educational opportunities to DHA Multan’s inhabitants. SICAS is the special foundation that was built specifically for educational purposes only so that they can get sure the educational success of children.

Theme Parks

DHA Multan comprises all of the lavish and attractive facilities. Providing healthy amusement within its boundaries is another aim of DHA Multan. To attain this aim, developers are working on building a high number of open themed parks for its inhabitants.

You will also have the amenities of a theme park where you could spend a fantastic time with your loved ones. Overall there’s an open, healthy atmosphere. Luxurious villas are also available today which you may purchase to enjoy a fantastic standard of living in DHA Multan.

DHA Multan, Golf Course

The Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Multan, Pakistan, will have the first of its kind, Golf Course. Authorities of DHA Multan have also signed an agreement with the Faldo Design firm. The owner of this firm is a 6-time major champion, Sir Nick Faldo. He promises the provision of his signature golf person. The Area, of course, is overland of 7,500 yards.

This golf club will have new standards for golf in Pakistan and is GEO Certified golf course. Services given in golf courses are that it will engage new players as well as separate golf holes for professionals, provide an exciting and memorable challenge for all golfers.

DHA Multan golf course will also provide tour opportunities in Pakistan at the international level.

International level Gym

There’s a proper World-class gymnasium center at which you can keep yourself fit and healthy. These gyms will make it possible to enjoy a healthy lifestyle at DHA Multan. Professional gym coaches will soon be available to help you to practice and adopt a healthy lifestyle on the most current exercise equipment.

Underground Electricity

DHA Multan housing project will be a society without any electrical cables or sticks hanging around the Area. The whole method of power will probably be underground so that you can enjoy a gorgeous landscape.

Internet, phone, and other services supplied via wires will be underground also. All of the basic utilities such as gas, electricity, phone, web, internet, and sewerage system are properly coated and wired underground.

Broad Road Infrastructure

The network of roads within the home project will be impeccable, due to the well-organized road infrastructure. You’ll have the facility to achieve your preferred location within less time, as there will be less traffic and wide roads.

Top Quality Drainage system

DHA Multan will develop modern-day sanitary systems. Developers’ aim is to install a state-of-the-art sewage system to ease the residents.

Community Center and Club

DHA Multan envisions developing a sense of a single community among its residents. In line with the tradition carried on in DHAs around Pakistan, DHA Multan will also have a community center and club for its beloved people.

Masjids and Grand Mosque

Developer Have assigned adequate land to construct a beautiful mosque with some high Domes and conventional Islamic architecture in each block of the housing society. There are separate masjids for every sector so people can offer their Islamic duties.

The Arena

The Arena, which comes immediately after the main entrance of DHA Multan. This Arena is not just the shopping mall; it is the full entertainment center.

You can find everything in it. The arena is equipped with a fascinating play children area, food court, cafes, gaming zones, Multi-Screen Cinema Complex, shops and mart, hypermart and many more pleasurable activities are available.

360 Zoo

Parks and amusement points are incomplete with sounds of animals and beautiful and green views; DHA Multan provides you with both. 360 zoo is planned to develop in the society which will have many wild and rare animals which you and your children can enjoy.

Bilal Masjid

Masjids and mosques will be present in every sector of DHA Multan, but a grand mosque called Bilal masjid will be one of its types. It will be built with a beautiful dome and architectural design. It has the capacity of almost 5000 people to say a prayer together

DHA Multan Development Status

As already told, development work in DHA Multan is going rapidly. Management had officially started working on the DHA Multan housing society in 2014. Now almost ten sectors are already completed, and initial work on the outlook of the society is also already done.

Possession of many plots is given to their deserved owners so they can start construction work to build their homes in DHA Multan. Wires and pipes for the supply of water, Suigas, and electricity are also installed.

DHA Multan payment plan

DHA Multan plot files of sectors are already sold, that is the reason the DHA Multan payment schedule is now ended, but now you can buy these plots at full prices. DHA villas are still available with easy payment plans. The average pricing of these plots is below.

For residential plots

  • 5 Marla Plot prices start from 15 To 22 Lacs.  
  • 8 Marla Plot Prices start from 23 To 30 Lacs.  
  • 10 Marla Plot Prices start from 32 To 38 Lacs. 
  • 1 Kanal Plot Prices start from 28 To 58 Lacs
  • 2 Kanal Plot Prices start from 115 To 150 lacs.

Prices of files of DHA Multan plots started from less than ten lacs, but now they are reaching crore. This shows that there is a guaranteed profit return on these plots due to the image of a reliable and secure society, which is developed in the name of DHA.

DHA Multan Balloting

DHA Multan turns out to be an immediate success among potential customers. Folks from all around Pakistan and overseas also want to buy a plot in DHA Multan. This housing society started accepting applications, and then a lucky draw was conducted in June 2017 to announce the winner.

Then these allottees were paying installments, and finally in 2019 balloting ceremony was conduct, and possession of plots was given to owners.

These candidates were from both groups of people, civilians, and armed forces.

Balloting Ceremony and Results of DHA Multan

The balloting ceremony of DHA Multan Phase 1 Plots was held on July 31, 2019. It was held in Multan city. This Balloting included results of all plots files, residential and commercial plots which include 5, 8, 10, 1, and 2 Kanal residential plots and 4 and 8 Marla commercial plots.

Now results of the location plot ballot are also uploaded and available online on the official website of DHA Multan. You can find the status of the plot from the website.

Facts and figures about DHA Multan housing society balloting results:

The total number of residential plots in DHA Multan Phase 1 is 49273. And the number of residential plots by plot size in each sector of the housing society is given below.

  • 5 Marla plots in DHA Multan Phase 1, sectors P, T, and V are 15989.
  • 8 Marla plots in DHA Multan Phase 1, sector V are 2891.
  • 10 Marla plots in DHA Multan Phase 1, sector U and B1 are 2947.
  • 1 Kanal plots in DHA Multan Phase 1, all sectors are 26979.
  • 2 Kanal plots in DHA Multan Phase 1, sectors A, and N are 467. 

How to Book in DHA Multan?

To book your plot or place in DHA Multan, you will need the following documents

  • DHA Application form
  • DHA Multan form
  • DHA Multan challan
  • DHA Multan installment form (in case of villas)
  • 2 Copy of your CNIC
  • 2 Copy of your Next to kin ( father/ mother/ brother/ wife /sister)
  • 2 Passport size photograph
  • Booking amount in the form of ( Cheque/ Pay order/ Cash)
  • The actual address of the applicant is reachable
    Note: In case of wrong spellings of name communicated, the change in name is not permissible as per the procedure of DHA Multan.

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